X:945 Dragon Sven (Swän) Jönsson Raswill (Raaswill)

Blev minst 36 år.

Far: XI:1889 Jöns Raswill

Född: före 1683 
Bosatt: 1702 Sörviken, Sundsjö, Jämtland 1) 
Bosatt: 1709 Mälgåsen, Revsund, Jämtland 1) 
Död: 1719-01-03 Mälgåsen, Revsund, Jämtland 2) Sid 93. Noterad som tillförande Refsundz kompani Död 3/1 på fjällen varandes från Mälgåsen, Revsund.

Jämtland döda CD:
"Död 1718-1719 'på fjället' enl anteckningar vid dottern Gölin Svensdotters död 1786" Största sannolikhet död i januari 1719, på Armfeldts fälttåg mot Norge

Familj med X:946 Karin (Katarina) Ivarsdotter (1673 - 1760)

Vigsel: 1701-10-20 Revsund, Jämtland 3) gid 9.15.46000

IX:473 Jöns Svensson Raswill (Raswild) (1702 - 1780)
Ifwar Svensson Raswill (1704 - )
Märeth Svensdotter Raswill (1709 - )
Gölo Svensdotter Raswill (1712 - 1786)
Anna Svensdotter Raswill (1714 - )

dragon enl vigselboken

en Fältväbel Jöns alt Pähr Razwild var ansvarig i Brunflou Compagnie enl genmösterrulla 1711 - undersöks vidare!

Raswill lär ha kommit från en på 1600-talet från Polen/Litauen invandrad Radzivill - detta måste naturligtvis bekräftas. (se home.swipnet.se/~w-86205/info.htm)

Om Radzivill finns mycket att läsa
Radzivill - the most prominent and influential magnates of the Great Duchy of Lithuania. ...

Short history of the Radziwill Family www.szlachta.org/2radziwill.htm

Eines litauischen, polnischen und preußischen Adelsgeschlecht, das ursprünglich zum litauischen Hochadel gehörte.de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radziwill

"Radzvill Family. There were many noble families in the history of Litvania; however, none was more renowned the Radzivill family. The family left its imprint on a wide variety of human endeavors - from public and political life to culture and education. Members of the family were leaders in wars against the enemies of the Grand Duchy of Litvania and later of the Polish-Litvanian Commonwealth against the Russian Empire. For centuries they meticulously collected and preserved books, documents, paintings, weaponry, and many rare and valuable objects that could fill entire museums. With their own money, the Radzivills built printing shops in Bierascie (Brest), Niasviz, and other Belarusian cities. They not only influenced politics, economics and the culture of their nation, but often did it according to their own needs, aspirations and tastes...

History has preserved for us many names of the family members. Let us mention some of them here.
Barbara Radzivill (1520-1551), the queen of Poland and duchess of Litva, was "Triumphant by her beauty and love affairs." Indeed, the love she awoke in the heart of the polish king Zyhimont II August was called "The love affair the century."
Mikalaj Radzivill Czorny (1515-1565) occupied high and responsible positions in the Grand Duchy of Litvania: great chancellor, governor (vajavoda) of Vilnia (capital of the Grand Duchy, nowadays Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania), mayor of Bierascie (Brest), Kounia (Kaunas) and Barysau and administrator of Livonia.

Polish noble family of Radziwill (Radzivill) declared Nyazvizh its residency. www.tabibito.de/vostok/enyazvizh.shtml


In the Nesvizh typography of Radzivills the unique album including 165 portraits of the magnate kin of Radzivills fulfilled by the copper-plate engraving ...kolas.bas-net.by/engl/H96-2/e_prn.htm

Mikalaj Radzivill Chorny (Black) was born in February 4, 1515. The Radzivills by that time were already quite influential in the state, and it is thanks to Mikalaj Chorny that the Radzivills joined the European political elite, became one of the richest magnate clan of the GDL.

The star of Radzivill started to rise since that parliamentary session of 1544 when he received his first, quite influential position of zemski marshalak (region governor). By the end of his life he concentrated in his hands big power: he was the Chancellor of Lithuania, Vajavoda (governor) of the Vilnia (today's Vilnius) region, starasta (mayor) of Kowna (Kaunas), Barysaw, Shavel... Natural wit, wealth, friendly and since 1547 family relations with the king Sigizmund August (Mikalaj's sister married the monarch) made Mikalaj Radzivill the first magnate of the Duchy. It is him who governed the GDL when Sigizmund was absent.
The most important activity of Mikalaj Radzivill in the Brest history was the foundation of a printing house in 1553, first on the territory of today's Belarus. brestonline.com/en/info/history-bf2.html

The Nesvizh Castle, which used to be the official residence of the Radzivills, has been included into the UNESCO World Heritage List. The World Heritage list includes 788 objects, such as the pyramids of Egypt, the Great Wall of China, Notre-Dame de Paris. Two objects included into that list are located in Belarus: the Castle of Mir, and Belavezhskaya Pushcha National Park. Nesvizh was first mentioned in historical chronicles in 1446. In 1513 the city of Nesvizh became the official residence of the Radzivills - the biggest and the most powerful kin in Belarus. belarus21.by/gazeta/article_browse.php?id=2283

Mirsky castel www.belarustourist.minsk.by/common/history/church/mir.htm

"'Poles--that's what we are!' say the Radziwills. And anyone who does not know their history does not know the Poles. For nearly 600 years the Radziwill family has performed on the political and social stage of Europe, from the legendary Nicholas the Black, responsible for publishing the first translation of the Bible into Polish (the so-called Radziwill Bible), to the current Prince 'Stash' Radziwill, brother-in-law of Jacqueline Kennedy Onnassis. From the very beginning the Radziwills have enjoyed wealth and power, and to this day glamor surrounds the family. Tadeusz Nowakowski has produced a witty and scandalous variety show starring this Lithuanian-Polish dynasty of statesmen and warriors, enlightened minds and bigots, Jesuits and heretics, patriots and traitors, carousers and ascetics, Polish Eulenspiegels and Munchausens, noble ladies and keepers of harems--each one a genuine Radziwill. This highly entertaining chronicle is full of anecdotes, personalities, and happenings set against the background of world history.".The Radziwills: The Social History of a Great European Family by Nawakowski, Tadeusz

här finns arkiv med Radziwills i Polen www.avotaynu.com/magnates.htm



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Mikalaj Radzvil Czorny

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